Individuals Acknowledged for Outstanding Contributions

Individuals Acknowledged for Outstanding Contributions
Individuals Acknowledged for Outstanding Contributions

John Leininger – 2004 EDSF Educator of the Year

Individuals Acknowledged for Outstanding Contributions to Educational Efforts in Document Communications

TORRANCE, Calif., (October, 2004)—The Electronic Document Systems Foundation (EDSF), the non-profit organization dedicated to the document communications industry, today announced the recipients for its 2004 Educators of the Year Awards. Presented annually, the Educator of the Year Awards are given to academic representatives from higher  and secondary/post secondary educational institutions. These individuals are dedicated to the advancement of the industry and have made outstanding and innovative contributions towards educational efforts in the document communications. Educator of the Year in Higher Education The Educator of the Year in Higher Education Award, sponsored  by Pitney Bowes, Inc., honors an individual from a university or college who is dedicated to the advancement of our industry through education. This year’s recipient has given selflessly of his time, energy and expertise across the academic, association, supplier, and print service provider communities. EDSF is pleased to recognize Dr. John Leininger, Professor in the Department of Graphic Communications at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina as the 2004 EDSF Educator of the Year in Higher Education. Since  1986, Dr. Leininger has taught courses in flexography, lithography, digital printing, inks and substrates, and management at Clemson. With the support of 18 industry partners, he created the traveling Hands-on Laptop VDP Training consortium to bring practical experience with variable data printing to the industry. Leininger constantly seeks creative ways  to teach complicated concepts, volunteers his time in support of a wide range of industry organizations. His peers remarked that John is always willing to share his knowledge and expertise with others for the betterment of graphic communications education. “Sharing knowledge is a two-way street, and accepting this award reinforces the time, effort, and value of networking and forming partnerships with other teachers, printers, suppliers and association members,” said Dr. Leininger. “I consider myself lucky to  be an educator where I have the opportunity to learn and share knowledge every day.”

Source: Press release issued by the company, unless otherwise noted.

By Noel Ward, Managing Editor, WTT Show Coverage

Over its history, Xplor ( Web Site Related Articles Google) has been known for its conferences and less for its show floor. Still, there were instances — some would say years– when vendors, consultants and others used their speaking slots as an opportunity to pitch their good and services. It hurt the conference in terms of credibility and attendance. This may still go on, but most of the sessions I sat in on Wednesday and Thursday were free of overt pitches, and where products were involved, were more focused on how technology can be used, often with real world examples. And that’s important.

As Dick Gorelick noted in a session Thursday morning, consumers and businesses alike are acquiring technology without knowing very much about how to use it. It means information on how to use a product or technology is remarkably valuable. For VDP, noted Gorelick, there is a lot of untapped value because relatively few potential customers know how to take advantage of it. The benefit of a venue like Xplor is that vendors can talk about their technologies as they relate to the issues that are important to attendees. That context is important because it helps people learn about options and choices that may help move their business forward.

Return to its Roots
This year, without the distraction of running a trade show (never an Xplor strength) the Xplor Global Conference appears to be returning to its roots as an important educational venue. With well over 250 conference sessions, the total swelled by the confluence of separate mini-conferences on PDF, XML, Photoshop, CIP4 ( Web Site Related Articles Google), Adobe (Stock Price Web Site Executives Related Articles Google) Creative Suite, and a Spanish language track from Artes Graficas, Xplor is taking its first steps in a new direction. The question, of course, is are those steps surefooted or shaky and hesitant?

I’ve spent the past two days sitting in on sessions spanning market trends, PDF, the emerging standards of the AFP Color Consortium, JDF, and more. All were well attended by people who stayed the whole time and asked good questions at the end. Some were standing room only and in one session extra chairs were brought in. Poking my head into others, I saw mostly chairs filled with people who seemed to be paying attention and taking notes. The uber-geek quotient is pretty high at Xplor, and in the techie sessions some of the questions and answers about how exactly a technology worked and the way the electrons jumped through hoops were specific and more than a tad beyond my level of knowledge.

Key Points
This is a good thing. It shows that the people who cajoled, coerced or otherwise enticed their company to spring for a 5-day trip to Miami Beach in February are serious about learning and are hopefully getting useful, practical knowledge out of the sessions. Some key points attendees were hearing included:

– It’s not the technology: It’s how you use it.

– It is not the quality of the output: it’s the quality of the outcome.

– Variable print, email, broadcast, and PURLs are all great, but the value comes from integrating all of them. Over 60 percent of people who order online are looking at a print catalog when they order.

– Successful cross-media campaigns come from defining goals, managing logistics, use of multiple media, and tracking everything so ROI can be clearly defined and measured.

– The next looming postage rate increase –up to 15 percent for standard business mail– has the potential to significantly change the mailing business.

– Printing less–via well-targeted VDP–may prove to make print and mail more profitable and more effective, while decreasing the mail volume.

– Print providers have to focus more on how they can help customers make money, not just fill a customer’s need.

– JDF is for geeks, not the average customer. It will remain “behind the curtain” and be transparent to document owners and creators while streamlining document submission and job ordering, reducing costs and automating workflows at print providers, especially when related to cross-media programs.

– JDF, when properly implemented, will also reduce employee training, make ready, and prepress complexity, provide a single interface for job management, and provide an easier upgrade path to new presses and even finishing systems. It’s not there yet, but it will happen over the next 5 years.

– PDF will be an increasingly important part of JDF workflows regardless of the workflow architecture or the print engines used.

There was lots more, of course, and Carole Alexander will have some articles coming up on ODJ about the sessions she spent time in.

Graphics of America opens today and we’ll have on-the-floor coverage beginning on Monday, so stay tuned. There’s some interesting stuff out there and I’ll fill you in

Next Event Scheduled

Next Event Scheduled
Next Event Scheduled

Alcoa Foundation Supports Graduate Assistantships
in Department of Graphic Communications

CLEMSON — Clemson University Foundation has received a $25,000 grant from the Alcoa Foundation to provide funding for graduate students to gain leadership and communication skills to make them more effective in the workplace.

The funding will provide assistantships in the university’s graphic communications lab, technology to conduct graphic arts research  and training for emerging graphic communications technology.

The announcement came from  Southern Graphic Systems, an Alcoa business headquartered in Louisville, Ky., that supplies photographic and digital images and manufactures flexographic printing plates and rotogravure cylinders for the packaging printing industry.

“Our responsibility to our customers in the very demanding markets we serve requires the best talent available,” said Dennis Wilcox, regional vice president at Southern Graphic Systems, “One of our key strategic objectives is workforce development – to attract and retain talented people by developing and implementing well-defined human resources initiatives.”

Southern Graphic  Systems also provides internships for Clemson students to enhance their skill levels and broaden their perspectives in an active workplace.

“The program benefits Southern Graphic Systems in that we get short-term task oriented work completed with no long-term commitment and we have the opportunity to evaluate these students as potential permanent hires in the future,” said Wilcox.

The grant is  part of Alcoa Foundation’s commitment to its business communities. In South Carolina, Alcoa employs 1,250 at four operating locations in Goose Creek, Spartanburg, McBee and Gaffney.

The Clemson University Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of South Carolina to promote the welfare and future development of Clemson University’s educational and scientific goals. The foundation  receives, manages and distributes donor gifts to build and maintain academic programs through faculty and student aid programs.

Intern Employer Day Next Event Scheduled for March 6, 2007

Clemson University Graphic Communications interns prepare to once again go out into the industry. The program sends students out  three times a year to coincide with the university calendar. For the Fall 2006 semester there are currently 43 Clemson Graphic Communications (GC) majors interning in eleven states from New Jersey to Texas and Indiana to Florida. A range from 160–180 GC students intern annually with the largest group in the summer (approx. 80 students).

To help facilitate the placement of so many students, the department hosts Intern Employer Day each Fall and Spring to bring industry representatives and students together. On October 10, 2006, over 112 representatives from 59 companies were on hand to meet nearly 250 students all studying graphics. Nancy Leininger, Internship Coordinator for the Department of Graphic Communications says that the event, hosted by the graduating seniors, “…provides a perfect opportunity for employers to learn more about the scope and hands-on philosophy of the program, and to the meet underclassmen as well as graduating seniors looking to go out into the industry.” Employers on campus  in October were quite impressed with the caliber of the students and the overall organization of the event.

Every Clemson GC major must complete at least 2 required internships prior to graduation. When surveyed as seniors, students consistently rank these two experiences as being the most beneficial of their college careers. Leininger says the current interns owe their thanks for the outstanding interest and turn out of employers to those interns and graduates who have gone out before them. “If previous students and graduates weren’t meeting their needs and expectations these employers wouldn’t be so committed to those currently seeking employment.”

The evening before Intern Employer Day, many employer representatives, graduating seniors, and graduate students attend a social followed by dinner. This gives potential employers a great opportunity to informally meet students who will soon be beginning printing industry careers.

On Tuesday morning employers are given program and internship information. Interns from past terms present their stories to the employers to provide examples of the many things students do in their internships. Most of the day employers meet at their table top exhibits with students. Many employers and students are able to make plans for internships. Follow up activities tend to be brisk, with several employers staying an extra day to interview students or to arrange plant visitations for those who at the top of their lists as prospective intern employees.

Clemson’s Graphic Communications Department hosts Intern Employer Day twice a year. The next event will be on March 6, 2007, where employers will make Summer and Fall 2007 internship plans. Companies wishing to receive registration information on Intern Employer Day should fax their business card to 864-656-4808, and simply write a “IED” on the card, the code for Intern Employer Day mailings. For immediate intern needs please contact Nancy Leininger the Graphic Communications Internship Coordinator.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

GC Students and Faculty Attend Adobe’s Momentum in Print 2006

Adobe Systems hosted their first international users meeting in San Francisco on January 22-24, 2006, and Clemson Graphic Communications students and faculty were in attendance. Dr. John Leininger and Mrs. Nancy Leininger were presenters at the event. Dr. Leininger conducted a half-day hands-on Variable Data Printing Training session assisted by Mrs. Leininger, and Mrs. Leininger was also on the slate as a Panel Moderator for the Short-Run Packaging session.

As a member of the Adobe Momentum in Print 2006 Advisory Panel, Dr. Leininger knew that Adobe was putting together an event like no other. It included General sessions, Tutorial Sessions, Focus Sessions, and a Sponsors Showcase. So at   the last minute when he was given VIP tickets to allow others to attend, he immediately went to the department chair to get approval for 4 students and one other faculty member to attend. There wasn’t much lead-time, but when opportunity knocked, we responded. The availability of last minute weekend flight specials on the web drastically minimized costs, and before they knew it Dr. Eric Weisenmiller, along with GC students Courtney Adams, Andrea Brown, Chad Smith and Dustin Williams were on their way to Momentum in Print!

They attended several excellent tutorial sessions on Color Management, Digital Photography, Print Production, Workflow, and Industry Standards. The general sessions and panel discussions gave them a current practical view of the direction of the industry. They were able to network with many printers and sponsors since all the meals and early evening  activities were planned into the event. While listening to the students talk one might think that the tutorials were the highlight of the event. But Andrea and Chad may disagree since Andrea won a free copy of Adobe Creative Suite2 and a tutorial book, and Chad won an iPod!

Adobe’s Sr. Manager of Product & Partner Marketing, Robin Tobin made the Clemson participants feel right at home. She introduced them to folks she knew they should meet, and was pleased that Clemson was so well represented at the event. The students gained much from this opportunity, though they had to juggle plans and classes to make it happen.  They appreciate the faculty who worked with them to make up work missed while away and allowed them to take advantage of this tremendous enhancement opportunity.

First Annual
Bill Treadaway Print Leadership Forum

Thursday, November 3rd marked the first Annual Bill Treadaway Print Leadership Forum. The theme, “Boundless Opportunities,” focused on the human factor as it featured speakers from all industry segments from digital, commercial and publishing through labels, packaging and specialty. But the theme was the same for all as the human qualities of leadership are common to all facets of the printing industries.
The day commenced with a keynote address, It’s All About Your People” was delivered by Bill Farquharson, well known industry sales development consultant. This session was sponsored by State Printing An RR Donnelley Company. Each session  throughout the day had a Gold level sponsor with the evening banquet, attended by over 200 students and industry participants being sponsored by Adobe Systems. Other “session sponsors” were Cadmus-The Whitehall Group, Copac Inc., Harper Corporation of America, Heidelberg USA, Inc. and Southern Graphic Systems. There were fifteen Silver sponsors whose contributions will make it possible to start the plans now for the Second Annual Treadaway Forum, to be run in 2006.

The concept of the annual Bill Treadaway Print Leadership Forum was developed by friends of the thirty-year President of the Printing Industry of the Carolinas. Following his passing in March, 2004, his friends and Clemson faculty joined to find a way to memorialize his unique life of leadership and the numerous ways in which Bill facilitated the continuous development of the Clemson Graphic Communications program. The long term goal is to deliver top quality Forums, each on a selected theme of importance to the industry and its future leaders. Programs of this caliber will attract the participation of increasing numbers from current industry leaders. In Bill’s way, the interaction of the industry leaders and Clemson students and faculty will facilitate significant leadership development values for all. Industry engagement with the Clemson program has always been the single most significant factor in its ability to attract and deliver top quality people for the industry.

Xplor Mid-Atlantic Region Sponsors

Xplor Mid-Atlantic Region Sponsors
Xplor Mid-Atlantic Region Sponsors

Xplor Mid-Atlantic Region Sponsors 12 Clemson GC Students
at GOA/Xplor Global Conference and Exhibits

On February 3–5, twelve Graphic Communications students traveled with Mrs. Nancy Leininger to Miami Beach for the Graphics of America/Xlpor Global 2006 Conference and Exhibits. The Clemson “ambassadors” were sponsored by the Xplor Mid-Atlantic Region in a pilot program championed by Katherine Clarke (Casey) a 2003 Clemson GC grad. Casey got the  necessary funding approval to help offset some of the costs, and arranged the agenda. The students were also joined by Dr. John Leininger, who was already at the conference to receive his Electronic Documents Professional Certification earlier in the week. He was just one of four from the USA to receive this certification this year.

Our first day at the event started off with a breakfast for our group with speakers including Skip Henk, Xplor International President  and Diana Hillman, Mid-Atlantic Region President, and presentations by Joe Farina and Paul Loumena from Elixir on the state of the document industry. The students were joined at the breakfast by several other company sponsors, Mid-Atlanta Region officers, and recent Clemson GC grad, Kemrey Heinold.

After arriving at the exhibit hall, the students were scheduled to rotate through the booths of the 5 sponsor companies whose representatives acted as mentors to the students. Jeanne Mowlds of EDSF used some of the time the students spent with her taking them around the show floor introducing them to other industry representatives. Other sponsors taught  the students about their company and the document industry. Later in the afternoon, Dr. John Leininger had arranged for Robin Walton of HP Indigo to give the students a thorough and practical demonstration of the digital devices at the HP booth. On the final day of the trip, students were on their own to visit other booths, network, and sit in on training sessions.

These graduating seniors are finishing their undergraduate course work in Graphic Communications in May. Each was able to gain an in-depth view of the world they are about to enter. This pilot program was such a success that Xplor hopes to be able to provide this opportunity to even more students in the future. The students agree that the trip and their membership in Xplor are great opportunities for them to enhance their course experiences, to network with industry porno leaders, and to learn more about potential job opportunities. They are grateful for the support of the department and the Mid-Atlantic Region to minimize their out-of-pocket costs and make the trip possible.

Company sponsors were Jeanne Mowlds of EDSF, BJ Nestler and Jay Gallagher of Document Solutions Network, Paul Loumena of Elixir, Bill Sanders and Chris Parker of NearStar, and Mary Anne Rowan of Solimar Systems. The twelve GC seniors in attendance were Stacy Brogan, Shelley Fox, Tara Greene, Melissa Hall, Justin Meissner, Laura Ogard, Brian O’Neill, Betsy Pietrus, Pamela Pryor, Morgan Serreno, Bryan Wilson, and Matthew Wimberly.
Dr. John Leininger earns EDP Certification

Wednesday, February 1, 2006 Dr. John Leininger, Professor of Graphic Communications at Clemson University, was 1 of 19 individuals from around the world to be certified as an Electronic Document Professional through Xlpor International. The presentation was made at Xplor’s Global Document Exchange, in conjunction with Graphics of the Americas, during the opening general session in the Jackie Gleason Theater, Miami Beach Convention Center. Commission chairperson Terry Johnson, EDP presented the awards.

The Electronic Document Professional (EDP) Program, sponsored by Xplor International, recognizes individuals that possess a high standard of ethics, knowledge and experience in the field of electronic document systems. The EDP designation is an industry symbol for professional proficiency, experience and commitment. EDP professionals promote and enhance the industry through continuing individual education, knowledge sharing, and mentoring others in the certification process.

About Xplor International
Xplor International is a worldwide, not-for-profit professional association that consists of thousands of users and suppliers of the products and services that create, modify and deliver customized information using a wide variety of document technologies. The association provides educational products and programs for its members and the industry at large through conferences, meetings and annual events. Xplor International has its worldwide headquarters in Torrance, California, with affiliated offices around the world. Further information is available

Xplor Reports Outstanding Results at Miami Conference

Xplor Reports Outstanding Results at Miami Conference
Xplor Reports Outstanding Results at Miami Conference

Torrance, CA -February 28, 2006 – Xplor ( Web Site Related Articles Google) International, the worldwide electronic document systems association, today reported outstanding results from their Global Document Exchange Conference in Miami Beach, Florida in conjunction with Graphics of the Americas ( Web Site Related Articles Google). The organizers are happy to report that attendance for the four-day conference topped over 1700 attendees, double the attendance from Dallas 2004 and exceeding conference participation in Atlanta 2003. Xplor attributes the increase in attendance to the expansion of the conference curricula to include seven conferences in one locations consisting of over 250 educational sessions and tutorials, a range of new curricula topics including human resources and business development tracks and co-location with Graphics of the Americas.
“I’ve spent the past two days sitting in on sessions spanning market trends, PDF, the emerging standards of the AFP Color Consortium, JDF and more,” said Noel Ward, attending journalist and executive editor, ” All were well attended by people who stayed the whole time and asked good questions at the end. Some were standing room only and in one session, extra chairs were brought in.”

For the first time, the conference featured Xplor’s traditional curricula plus six additional conferences for a total of seven events all under one roof. Xplor’s document conference offered nine tracks covering 130 sessions and with the addition of six additional conferences, attendees could chose from over 250-plus educational sessions and forums, spanning four days. In addition, attendees could also view the latest products, Friday through Sunday, representing close to 500 vendors the Miami Beach Convention Center at the co-located Graphics of the Americas and Xplor exhibits.

“We’re enthused by higher than expected and outstanding conference attendance, especially given that IPEX is only a few months away,” said Skip Henk, EDP, president and CEO of Xplor International. “We also are grateful to the ten different user groups, organizations, associations and 3rd party providers who contributed significantly to this “first of a kind event.”

What to Look Forward to in 2007

For 2007, the Global Document Exchange, Powered by Xplor will feature multiple conferences taking place concurrently at the Miami Beach Convention Center February 28 through March 4, 2007 in conjunction with Graphics of the Americas. Topics will encompass the entire document lifecycle and feature leading speakers from the document industry.